But Christ has true excellency

and so great that when your heart comes to see it, the mind rests there. You see a transcendent glory and an ineffable sweetness in Him. You see that till now, you’ve been pursuing shadows byt now you’ve found the substance. That before you’ve been seeking happiness in the stream, but now you’ve found the ocean. You’ll find an excellency in Him which your mind will find no bounds. Every new discovery will make His beauty appear more ravishing and there is room enough for the mind to go deeper and deeper and never come to the bottom. The soul that comes to Christ feeds upon Him and live upon Him. For that soul is impossible once you’ve tasted of it, to ever forsake it.

- Tim Keller/Jonathan Edwards

So sad, so beautiful

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Timelapse and DC—two of my favorite things rolled into one stunning video. Love this city. 

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Rediscovered the explosive magic of Françoise Nielly today thanks to Behance. She’s been busy with her palatte knife since I last checked four years ago

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Johnnyswim - “Adelina”

The Head and the Heart - “Sounds Like Hallelujah”

I want to be friends with them. 

I had the privilege of seeing Band of Horses perform a perfect acoustic show last week. This video is incredible, but it’s only a taste of the beautiful music that was made that night. 

Reminder of the day

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Brooke Waggoner - “Wonder-Dummied”